"Mix it Up with Melange" Challenge ~ UMBRELLA

Welcome...everyone is invited to join in the challenge. You do not have to be on the team or an Etsy seller to create a piece of art with the month's theme and show it on this blog.

The prompt for this month's challenge is UMBRELLA. Create a piece of mixed media art using this prompt as inspiration. When you are finished follow these simple rules:

1) Post your finished piece on your blog, website, Flickr page, Etsy or elsewhere INCLUDING a link back to the Melange Team blog.

2) Comment to this blog post INCLUDING the link to where we can find your beautiful piece.

3) Please link to a static page

(What’s a static page? An example of a static link is http://www.melange.com/ticket/2009/04/22/mix-it-up-challenge/, whereas an example of a link to the main website is http://www.melange.com)

4) Come back often to check out all the terrific work that will be submitted. :)

Thanks for joining in the fun !

(Here is a great tutorial on CREATING HOT LINKS)

Jenny Petricek is our featured artist with her wonderful interpretation of UMBRELLA. Thanks so much !

Image © Jenny Petricek


  1. What a wonderful prompt for this month! The piece I created is a collage in honor of my dear friend Aiko from Tokyo, Japan. She celebrated her 33rd birthday on April 9, and I plan to send this piece as a gift to her very soon. Happy birthday, Aiko! I'm glad you and your family are safe and well!

    For Aiko

  2. Jen, love your piece and how wonderful to pay tribute to Aiko! Your gel transfer is perfect! Yes, we all share your trepidation on doing those, dont' we!! This is a beautiful piece!

  3. I can't tell you how awesome it was to find my piece right at the top of the comment page, and discover that I've been named the "featured artist" for April! This is the first time I've been the featured ANYTHING when it comes to my art, and it feels great!:-) YIPPEEE!

  4. And by the way, thank you thank you thank you, for all of your support and kind remarks!:-)

  5. Okay, bear with me here, but I had a different interpretation of this prompt...an umbrella PLANT. :) Click here to see.

  6. Amanda, I love your piece! It's gorgeous! I really admire altered photography; the real image seen through the lens, combined with the paint and other media, add an intriguing texture and a sense of the whimsical. I can't wait to check out some of the other paintings in your series!:-)

  7. Here's my piece entitled HOT STUFF

    Thanks for looking....and Jenny, SO glad you are enjoying your spot as featured artist!

    Amanda...beautiful umbrella plant :)

  8. Nancy, I admire your flair for finding just the right ladies to grace your gorgeous pieces! Sassy Edith is just perfect!

    I also like how you try a lot of different looks for your backgrounds...the angling of the paper creates so much interest. And I love your lettering style, too! So fitting for the vintage feel of the collage!

  9. Here's my April challenge for Umbrella. Digitally altered in PSE, then embellished with vintage papers, foils, gesso, acrylics and inks.


  10. Pat, I love your piece! The vintage papers and foils add a bit of twenties authenticity and 'bling' to your glam girl! I also love the mixture of red with black and gray--my favorite color combo!

  11. Here's my submission for the Umbrella challenge! I used pencils, pens, and markers to make her:

    Umbrella Girl

    I'm going to use the image in my art journal & will post a picture of that, too, once I finish!

  12. Moira, great drawing! I left a message on your flickr page! Nice to meet you!