"Mix it Up with Melange" Challenge ~ CHARTREUSE

Welcome...everyone is invited to join in the challenge. You do not have to be on the team or an Etsy seller to create a piece of art with the month's theme and show it on this blog.

Thanks to Pat May, the prompt for this month's challenge is CHARTREUSE. Create a piece of mixed media art using this prompt as inspiration. When you are finished follow these simple rules:

1) Post your finished piece on your blog, website, Flickr page, Etsy or elsewhere INCLUDING a link back to the Melange Team blog.

2) Comment to this blog post INCLUDING the link to where we can find your beautiful piece.

3) Please link to a static page

(What’s a static page? An example of a static link is http://www.melange.com/ticket/2009/04/22/mix-it-up-challenge/, whereas an example of a link to the main website is http://www.melange.com)

4) Come back often to check out all the terrific work that will be submitted. :)

Thanks for joining in the fun !

(Here is a great tutorial on CREATING HOT LINKS)

Laurel Martin is our featured artist with her wonderful interpretation of CHARTREUSE. Thanks so much !

Image © Laurel Martin


  1. I had just finished this on the day the word "Chartreuse" was announced! It's always been one of my favorite colors. It reminds me of spring.

  2. I love your piece Nancy and the quote is so true!

  3. I think chartreuse is my new favorite play color, love entries you've all shared. Mine was a real dickens to photo though, not just because of size, but no good light where I could hang it full length.

  4. Hi, everyone! This is my first time participating. My piece is called "Guardian Angel." I really liked this month's prompt because it provided me with the opportunity to use a new, bold color combination that I don't usually work with; I'm also looking forward to checking out how all of you interpreted "chartreuse"! Enjoy!

    "Guardian Angel"

  5. A big thanks goes out to whyte, for her kind remarks about my project! It made my day to see your wonderful commentary!:-) I'm very impressed with your hanging hearts...I can see that we both have an affinity for teal/aqua as a complement to the chartreuse. I love the homespun qualities of the fabric and other pieces you added to each heart; it has inspired me to take the plunge and start using fabric in my work!:-)

  6. Nancy, I love "Gossip!" The bold, lush colors draw me in, and the complex textures and layers of your background make me want to stop for several moments, just to take it all in! The mischievous expressions on the girls' faces are the perfect way to capture the guilty pleasure of gossip, that all women participate in at some point in life, whether we admit it or not.:-)

  7. Jen, thank you so much for your lovely comments! Welcome to the challenge! If you'd like you can search out past challenges here in the Melange Blog and participate, they are always open! We'll be starting a new challenge in April too! Your piece is fab, I'm a text/numbers gals with my mixed media, lots of both and yes mam, I'm into aqua at the moment because that acrylic is on my worktable, and being too lazy to put it away it is a "fav" color right now!

  8. No problem! I plan on definitely participating in more of these challenges...and I'm already chomping at the bit to create a piece in April! Thanks again for your encouragement!:-)

  9. I loved this month's color so much, I created another collage featuring it! It's been added to the same page on my blog as "Guardian Angel." Thanks for all of your encouragement!