"Mix It Up with Melange" Challenge ~ MOTHERHOOD plus a GIVEAWAY!!

Welcome...everyone is invited to join in the challenge. You do not have to be on the team or an Etsy seller to create a piece of art with the week's theme and show it on this blog.

Thanks to Jodi Ohl the prompt for this week's challenge is MOTHERHOOD. Jodi is also offering an original 6" x 6" Sweet HeART block embellished with the word MOTHERHOOD (or a word of the winner's choosing.) This is an original Jodi Ohl piece valued at $25. (And there may be some extra little artsy goodness thrown in for good measure :) The winner will be chosen by a random drawing from all participants. So spread the word. It's as easy as this:

Create a piece of mixed media art using this prompt as inspiration. When you are finished follow these simple rules:

1) Post your finished piece on your blog, website, Flickr page, Etsy or elsewhere INCLUDING a link back to the Melange Team blog.

2) Comment to this blog post INCLUDING the link to where we can find your beautiful piece.

3) Please link to a static page

(What’s a static page? An example of a static link is http://www.melange.com/ticket/2009/04/22/mix-it-up-challenge/, whereas an example of a link to the main website is http://www.melange.com)

4) Come back often to check out all the terrific work that will be submitted. :)

Thanks for joining in the fun !

(Here is a great tutorial on CREATING HOT LINKS)

Pat May is our featured artist with her wonderful interpretation of MOTHERHOOD. Thanks so much !

Image © Pat May

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of Jodi's giveaway...Betty of Pinkglitterfae Art !!


  1. I'm cheating a little, I made this for my sis a few months ago. She gives me these wonderful 4.5x6.5 pieces of matt board that come packed in her supply shipments, she's a hospital nurse. I use them for substrates and all her hospital friends wanted to know what I was doing with them so she asked me to make something. This is my Granny Alma who passed suddenly when I was only 10, my sister doesn't remember her, she was just 2. I will never forget her. My Granny

  2. my entry for the challenge is entitled JOY

  3. Whyte what a lovely tribute for your grandma! I'll bet your sister was very pleased to have it.
    Nancy gorgeous, like all your pieces!

    what perfect timing, I had finished listing my newest piece for mother's day, and saw it was the theme for the Melange Team. This is my first submission.
    Now I am going to try using that hotlink tutorial...

    Click here to see my motherhood painting.

  4. Just checking again and love the challenge pieces! Great entries from everyone!

  5. Sorry my entry posted twice because I was trying to learn how to make a clickable link and Maureen just taught me how..Thank you Maureen!

  6. Whooooohooooo ElenaMary, I knew Maureen would "show you the way"

  7. All the motherhood pieces are terrific!!!

    LizAnna, i know what you mean. My mother is a singer too. Although we never plugged our ears, we were not always appreciative when we were young.

    Pat, what a lovely way to create a memory for your sister.

    Nancy, yes, I can see the "joy".

    Thanks, all of you.

    Pinkglitter--your piece s heart tugging and the kids look very appealing.