New Year's resolutions?

No, not really. No more at least will I do the "I am going to lose weight, start exercizing". Nope, give up on that. I am only going to make art "resolutions". Well, sort of resolutions. What I aspire to do in the coming year about art, my favorite subject. More likely to get those done than the exercize stuff. Although I need to do those of course.

So, I asked my fellow Melange team members to give us a few comments about what they are thinking about the New Year with regards to their art. And here is some things that they said. I think I love each and every comment.

Jodi said on her blog "art is food for my soul" or "art feeds my soul". I may not have the quote perfect, but boy it did hit me like a ton of bricks. Yes, those of us who do our art, no matter whether we sell anything or not, absolutely feel that way. "Art Feeds Our Soul".

said "Goals for this year include taking a few on-line classes... Most important will be starting an art journal. I would love to learn more about digital art and altered photos.

Janet said this "My thoughts for the New Year are to focus on using what I have in that room of mine" and "to finish Nat's memoies". "I would like to be published also".

This from Nancy "Hmmmm...thinking of art goals for 2010. For sure I will continue submitting art and article queries to magazines; offer a NEW workshop at Creative Worksops and definitely, definitely learn to do transfers!! I bought the book, so now no more excuses !!"

Our newest member, Erin said this "I need to go buy a huge jar of focus for myself in the new year". (I know Erin, so much art, so little time")

LindaB shared "My goals in 2010 are to continue to explore mixed media collages, work with fabrics, explore oil painting, and decide which style and type of art makes my heart sing."

Heidi offered "Goals for 2010 are to try to get an article published and to keep shopping around my book (still haven't heard yes or no!) Also to look into licensing my fabric designs. I've already set up a schedule for more teaching, so that will happen, and also a setup to do teaching online. As for techniques, I want to do more of the printing on unusual surfaces that I've started this year, including printing on skins with Digital Grounds"

LizAnna, who we are so happy to have join us on the Techniques thread and the newest member of the Melange team said this "Yippee, a new year! Better use of my sketchbook and experimenting with what I already have are high on the list. Oh yeah, and that fitness thing...."

From Maureen "In 2010 I hope to get into my polymer clay and transfer techniques - right now I am exploring Tim Holtz's alcohol inks and stamping on dominoes coloring with inks or chalk"

offered "My plans for the new year are not specific but I do intend to do more work with fabrics and create a diversity of products"

Elizabeth offered a wonderful poem by RW Emerson which can be read on her blog

I know, wants to enter into the world of magazine art publishing and to make use of her collection of materials that can be repurposed into beautiful art projects. Also a quote from Pat "One of my goals though, is to diversify "the routine" to liven up the mundane".......(you know, I feel that way also....different, change direction, do something different)

as we all know, is writing a book which will be finished in this year of 2010 and offered this for all of us "Dream BIG in 2010"

Bren , who's always been a writer, has become more interested in Art Journaling (especially with the inspirations of Pam and Nancy), and so incorporating more visual art with her writing is a primary goal throughout the new year, as well as continued focus on learning new techniques and stocking her Etsy shop.


  1. If I missed anybody or you want to share with your "sisters" in Melange or just want to share with others who read our blog, just shoot me a convo or just leave a comment....
    We are going to have a wonderful, wonderful, art year, no matter what is going on around us...go....sweet team members............

  2. What a great list of goals Glenda. Thanks!!

  3. I can learn from and apply everyone's goals is areas of my life, thanks for collaborating them Glenda!

  4. I learn a lot from you all everyday and look forward to a wonderfully productive and prosperous 2010 from us all! Thanks Glenda for corralling us all and our sentiments towards the New Year!

  5. Best wishes for a creative 2010! I look forward to watching you all achieve your goals.

    I've narrowed my to-do list into 1 or 2 categories:
    Finish all unfinished stuff
    Do Instead Of Simply Dream