Crowabout Entry Week 56 "A Horse is a horse, is a horse..."

This week the crowabout page was all western, complete with a gun-totten cowgirl. While the cowgirl and the words "WANTED" appealed to me, I kept seeing the words "A horse is a horse, is a horse..." and a tune came to mind. Yes, of course, it was the tune for the TV show "Mr. Ed" that was so popular back in the 60's. So Mr. Ed's theme song became the focal point of this collage piece.

I enlarged the photo of the two kids in the vintage western clothes and added western elements. I completed the verse of the song and added "OF COURSE." The pairs of boots are dimensional. All the rest of the designs are paper. The backing is a 6' x 8" canvas covered board.


  1. Very very cool. I am embarrassed because I did not get to do this one...and of all things...western theme. Nice job, very nice