Time……….what is that? Where the heck did it go?!

I could literally fill up 24 hours a day with something, if only I didn’t have to sleep! I can never relate to boredom or to people who retire and don’t know what to do with their time. So much to do... so little time.

I’ve tried to develop a bit of a routine as a Melange Team member, with resolutions that I’ll do better. Since I’m a list maker I thought I’d share some thoughts and perhaps others will add their own tips and tricks in the comments section for ways to invest little amounts of time and gain the biggest bang for the buck, so to speak!

1. “Hug” peeps when they are in a Treasury. I think we’re allowed 15 clicks, sock it to ‘em. The more clicks any Treasury receives the more attention it will get from buyers using the Treasuries to search.

2. Follow and visit your team peeps' blogs……..and leave comments as often as you can. Active comments can move a blog up in the search engines. Just say….."awesome piece” or “love this one” if you don’t have time to write a book. It not only lets the artists know you care…..it really helps them.

3. And to continue: bloggers...think about adding our team peeps' blogs or websites to your blog list. See item #2. When we comment in blog entries we're exposing advertising for our shops from the peeps’ lists to those who stay and look around, and most do.

4. Think about shooting a convo over to some of our team members who may not have time to chat in the forums. Just a “hi, I’m on the Melange Team and was checking out your shop and loved this……..”

5. Add a few of your peeps’ items to your etsy favorites.

6. Think about adding a team feature every once in awhile on your blog, Facebook, Twitter…….throw it out there. A couple sentences and a cut and paste photo about a fellow etsian/Melange peep will attract visitors and lead people to your blog.

7. Bop over and add a few words on the Teams and Events thread, bring it TTT (to the top)

The camaraderie we exhibit can produce positive results in multiple ways. Good will says a lot about our attitude as sellers and others will pick up on that. It’s not a goal to do it all, but a goal to catch a couple of minutes here and there and maximize results that benefit many, including ourselves.

Pat May.  Please visit my shop on etsy Whyte
Public Domain image from takeabreak at flickr


  1. I wish i could be as organized as you seem to be ! Always trying though !

  2. Pat, thank you so much for taking your valuable time to write this up for us. You hit every single thing right on the head. I know that I am going to print it up and put it by my computer. I don't get to everything, but I can do a couple every day. Again, thank you. G

  3. good points for us to remember! I totally agree with you on the time thing, wish I didn't have to sleep.