Melange Team Add Fabric challenge due 9/24

Today is the day! The "hey, add a little fabric to one of your art pieces" challenge is due today. I, for one, who am addicted to using fabric in my work, cannot wait to see what everyone has created. So, post your pieces in the comments section so that we can see. I will hot link if you are having problems with that, so not to worry. Just post where the piece is located, and I will catch up. If your piece is for sale on Etsy, tell us that also.

The showcase piece this time belongs to Maureen. It's gorgeous. I love the way she did the leaves and actually, the whole piece is fantastic. Way to go Maureen. Maureen's piece is located here on Etsy


  1. Hi!
    Really wonderful Maureen!

    Here is what I made:


  2. Dang, I dropped the ball on this 1.

    Great work so far! Will be back later to see what other lovelies are added

  3. Here is mine. A little early, but you know tommorrow is GParent's Day at school.


  4. alrighty: for the love of fabric, i tip my hat:

  5. Ok, I think I have it figured out. One last try....


  6. Holy Cow, it took winning the book, Glenda twocooltexans' gracious prize, to make me notice I posted my fabric piece in the wrong place here!! Yikes, sorry, but here is it is now:
    Here's my entry

    Thanks so much Glenda!!

  7. Wonderful work everyone! It's so fun to see each personality come through every week.