Transfer Challenge Results

Well, it is the 31st. All entries for the Melange transfer challenge are due today!
Several of our members wrote up their results and already showed us their pieces.

Amazing. I think everyone did something different and all of the results are just amazing. This was really really a fun challenge. I will draw a name from the particpants on the 3d to win the book. It's a great book, you will really enjoy it.

Everyone, please put the place where we can view either your process or just your final result in the "comments" section under this blog post. Be sure to write what type of paper you used, what type of ink and the substrate that you transferred onto. I think that would help a lot of people. Even I have never seen some of the ways that you creative artists used your different mediums.

I hope everyone had a good time. We even have some visitors who joined in and I will be posting their work tommorrow for all to see.

If you can't hot link, not to worry, I will do it for you.



  1. Here is mine: I used an inkjet transparency and Purell hand sanitzer.


  2. Posting for Abby, who used color photocopy and acrylic matte medium for her piece


  3. From Pam: "I used an inkjet transparency and gel medium for this transfer, back before Glenda shared the hand sanitizer which is my all time fav!"
    Pam using gel medium on transfer sheets

  4. Oh, darn I hate that when I post then read directions later. I used an HP inkjet printer with water soluable cartridges.....surely not the queen of color printers... and PrintWorks satin photo paper.

  5. I used matte gel medium and an inkjet copy of my original colored pencil copied onto avery notecard paper transferred onto masonite with acrylic paint and sealer - a last ditch attempt

  6. Here is mine , direct paper to paper and fabric with golden gel A Wee Scottish Lad

  7. My sad attempt.

    But! I did have fun. So I am inspired to try again. One of these days I will get it.