My simple image transfer

Simple image transfer technique by Linda Donnelly ldphotography

I decided to try doing an image transfer but my first couple of tries were failures So I turned to the place where I seem to be able to learn many craft techniques, Youtube. I came across this video called , Range ; Claudine Hellmuth, Adirondack paint image transfer.

I had just purchased some of the metallic acrylics from Ranger so it seemed to be a good idea. I followed the instructions. I used a copper paint and two different images to transfer. They worked out great. I put a clear cover over the transfers and add some embellishments.

Here are the instructions:

The second transfer: I did the second transfer with Omni-Gel. I painted the background of the tag. Then I painted the tag with the omni gel and put the copy down on it and let it dry. Then I soaked the tag in the sink filled with water. I gently rolled away the paper to reveal the image. I got a little to excited and rolled a bit off the sides of the tags. When the image dried I covered the tag with Inkssentials Crackle accents and let it dry. I added a gold ribbon to the tag and this is it.

Neither method was hard. I think I liked the paint transfer image the best.


  1. Thanks so much Linda, for the link!! I have not tried this type of transfer yet, but have to now!!! Great results!!

  2. Was this with inkjet or with a laser/copy image? I think I saw the Helmuth technique but it was with a laser copy ...

  3. You all are the BEST! I have never tried the Ranger one that Claudine does. But, you can believe now I will! These tags are just gorgeous. And the transfers are clear.

    And I do have some Omni Gel around here somewhere. Probably under a coat of dust. But, I have a new respect for it now.

    Thank you so much LD for introducing us to these two image transfers. Something for everyone!

  4. Wow! Those really turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing, Linda!

  5. I just looove the end result, Linda! Very nice!

  6. thanks so much for sharing.these are just beautiful.