Make a Transfer Challenge

Okay, hopefully, everyone who bought the new book on transfers has gotten theirs by now. And, if you didn't purchase the book, is a blog and the blog author has done a wonderful job of listing tons of methods to try.

You don't have to do any specific kind of transfer, you don't have to be a member of the Melange team, you don't even have to "finish" your piece into a mixed media or other project--just submit the transfer onto the substrate, you don't have to do a new piece, drag out an old one. We don't care; we just want to encourage everyone to try something new, revisit something old.

Get your creative thoughts flowing. Everyone who joins in will be eligible to win a copy of the new offering in art books called "Book Art: Handcrafting Artists' Books" by Dorothy Simpson Krause. It's a wonderful book and has tons of techniques for not only making books, but doing the artwork for the covers and the inside pages also. I will do a drawing for the winner of the book.

Due date is August 31st. On or about that date, put your piece on your blog and link it back to the "comments" section here in a new post that I will put up on the 31st. Just say something like "I used soft gel medium and an inkjet print", or "I used a laser print and acetone". You don't have to go into detail unless you just want to.

If you don't have a blog, no problem. Put your piece on your website or on Flickr and let me know where it is. Convo me at my shop TwoCoolTexans.

So, think transfers. Have fun!!!!

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