"Mix It Up with Melange" Challenge ~ SERENDIPITY

Welcome...everyone is invited to join in the challenge. You do not have to be on the team or an Etsy seller to create a piece of art with the week's theme and show it on this blog.

Thanks to Laurie, the prompt for this week's challenge is SERENDIPITY. Create a piece of mixed media art using that word as inspiration. When you are finished follow these simple rules:

1) Post your finished piece on your blog, website, Flickr page, Etsy or elsewhere INCLUDING a link back to the Melange Team blog.

2) Comment to this blog post INCLUDING the link to where we can find your beautiful piece.

3) Please link to a static page

(What’s a static page? An example of a static link is http://www.melange.com/ticket/2009/04/22/mix-it-up-challenge/, whereas an example of a link to the main website is http://www.melange.com)

4) Come back often to check out all the terrific work that will be submitted. :)

Thanks for joining in the fun !

Stacey Merrill is our featured artist with her wonderful interpretation of SERENDIPITY, entitled, "The Kiss." Thanks so much !

(If you can't do a "hot link" on blogspot, please do just go ahead, join in and put the url where your artwork is located. We will fix it up for you so that it becomes a clickable link.)


  1. How long do we get to make a collage? I am very interested in starting a new technique using my skills and start making collage art. My fibro is making it extremely to keep doing what I do. Mamapainter inspired me as she too suffers a pain condition and mine is getting worse. She tells me that doing her collages has given her a new outlet where she can continue doing her art at a "not as painful" expression of her passion. I will still do my other pieces as they are bought, but I have done collage pieces all my life for gifts, without even realizing it! Maybe this could give me a chance to get started! Maybe one day I can join yall's group as well. Who knows? I sure am a follower at least! Love your blog and all the work I've seen! Yall rock!!! I'm also on Etsy at http://LindaGJ.Etsy.com
    So, being a beginner and this will be my very 1st attempt, how much time do we have?
    My blogspot is http://LindaGJones.blogspot.com
    Cheers! Linda :)

  2. Here is mine. I can't believe I got this done. Pathetic, I couldn't come up with anything new.


  3. Here is my silliness


  4. I'm not a part of yall's team, but since I've been wanting to venture into collage art as new technique with my art, I wanted to start out my very first venture with yall's contest. I just hope I did it right(computer links wise) I have a big lump in my throat, but here goes my 1st serious collage art! Please let me know if I did the links right!!!!
    Linda :)


  5. I am so glad that you joined in LindaGJ. Your piece was so much fun, I love it.

    Here is your piece hot linked for you.


  6. hi
    I Rajesh would not just comment but it is fabulous extremely excellent i too
    believe in art which ever it may be is presenting dreams in real an vision of god
    as i to do paper macehe an appriecate ur work
    congrates ........keep up