Meet Linda Donnelly, "LD Photography"

Welcome everyone to the 2nd article in our ongoing series of interviews of the Melange Team on Etsy Artists. Today we are meeting Linda Donnelly, of LD Photography. Linda is an artist who's ideas and talents have no boundaries. She does it all and then some!
"I painted the background with a gold metallic paint. I distressed the gold crackles with vintage brown ink. I hand painted the fairy queen in metallic paints and distressed the painting. To seal the card I sprayed the entire surface with a high gloss spray and let it dry. Then I added 8 Swarovski crystals to make her sparkle"

1) So all of our reader's can get to know you a little better, Linda, let's start off our interview by you telling us a little about yourself. Also tell us something we might be SURPRISED to hear about you!

I am a licensed marriage and family counselor who
works with children and adults who have ADHD. I have a wonderful
husband and a ds who is almost 17. I have done photography for
about 25 years but my first artistic love is theatre. What would be
surprising is that I have four advanced degrees; a BA , 2 MAs and a
Ph.D. from UCLA ( in theatre). I love going to school and never
really could decide what I wanted to do. After discovering that I
could not make a reasonable salary doing theatre directing I went
back and got an MA in psychology and a license to practice. So here
I am, helping people in the daytime and creating art in the evening
between everything else.

2) You have a great eye for color and composition. Where do you get your inspiration from and do you have a favorite theme or subject that you are drawn to?

I love color. Perhaps it is because of the
sadness I deal with everyday. Coming home to my craft room
and getting out all of my colorful paints, alcohol inks, pens and
papers makes me very happy.

3) What is the best advice you've received as far as pursuing an artistic career?

Do not judge your own work. Just do what your
creative muse suggests to you and have fun.

"This is an original mixed media collage ACEO made with alcohol inks and distress inks and embossing powder. The trees have Swarovski crystals scattered among them to make it appear to be a sparkling fairy forest."

4) We all have some goals that we are looking to achieve, what are your top 3 goals for the rest of the year and going forward? Anything in particular that you've accomplished in 2009 that you are particularly proud of?
Goals: explore mutlti media
collages, learn new ways to use photo shop , take an advanced
photography course at the local college.

In 2009 so far I am most
proud of starting to explore alcohol inks and collage journal making.

5) What are your top 3 artistic tools/supplies that you could not live without?

Swarovski crystals ( I put them on everything, I love
the sparkle they give to art and my life), alcohol inks ( the
colors are extraordinary, my Nikon camera and lens ( I take it everywhere).

"I have added a clear Swarovski crystal to these pendants to make them extra special"

6) Last but not least, share with us a favorite book or inspirational quote that has motivated you artistically!

Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2008 --- muse candy and inspiration
"This journal is a large 9 x 9 inches. It is made of white hand made paper and has 8 heavy weight pages. This journal is perfect for your photos, memories, observations or even ideas for your first novel.

It is a unique gift for yourself or a friend who loves Jane's work. "

We're thrilled to have Linda as a member of our Melange Team, she is a prime example of how you can live your dream while juggling all the different aspects of life. Thank you, Linda for sharing a bit about yourself with our readers!

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us Linda...It's always interesting to read about the lives and inspirations of other artists.

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    And I love your work!!

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  6. Loved the interview! It was so nice to get to know Linda better. I totally understand the love of learning. I see your art differently now, too.