New issue of Art Journaling coming soon

There will be a new version of Art Journaling magazine coming out soon. Pam Carriker from our Melange Team has a wonderful article in the premiere issue. The new version will be digital rather than a reprint. So, if you missed picking up your copy, now you will have another chance.

Also, if anyone would like to submit for the next print issue, the deadline is April 15th. More information at


  1. This is great Pam. We will do another post and do a clickable link as to how the digital version can be published soon as it is ready.

  2. I am so glad I got an issue, it took me a while to find, but it was worth it! I hope they continue to offer Art Journaling, maybe 4 issues a year. Especially with the popularity of journaling, I am sure they won't run out of material.