Good Bye Image Transfers, Hello Digital Grounds

Good-bye Image Transfers, Hello Digital Grounds

I'm teaching an online workshop about Digital Grounds, starting May 11 over at Creative Workshops. The name Digital Grounds I think is a misnomer and I've had some questions about it since I put the class information up and realized that people were having some of the same thoughts I had when I first heard the term Digital Grounds.

I decided to actually show you what I'm talking about. When I first heard the term Digital Grounds I just knew it was something to do with creating art digitally in a photo editing software program. I mean, I just knew it. So I took a short little workshop that Golden was offering thinking I would learn something more about what I could do with my digital collages. And I was totally blown away. My brain was like a fireworks display as I started thinking about what I could do with these products. And I've been experimenting ever since! :-)

You know how hard we work at our Image transfers and not always successfully? Well what if you could get the look, without all the work. Look at this picture I scanned.

I printed out some collage sheet size images for my experiments. You'll never guess what I printed the images on. No I didn't print them on the ledger paper. They look so nice and transparent don't they? You can see the ledger paper behind all the images because they're so transparent. And they are no thicker than a piece of copy paper...maybe even thinner. You could burn these, rip these, cut these, paint on these images...the possibilities are endless.

What would you say if I told you I printed the images on Soft Gel (gloss). And yes that is absolutely correct. And I printed them on my ink jet printer. And that once I top coat them the ink won't run and the image will be UV protected.

Whatcha-gonna-think-then-huh? :-) Think of the possibilities!!!

So come and join me in the Goodbye Image Transfers, Hello Digital Grounds workshop May 11 and learn some mind blowing possibilities!

Happy Creating



  1. Gail your digital work is always so beautiful... I just love it

  2. Gail, this looks like a really really good class. Lots of great information about how to use all those wonderful Golden products!

  3. I've always wondered how those grounds work. I wish I could right now, but someday!!! Thanks for being so creative with your classes.

    Linda Mama

  4. I love Golden products and bought the digital ground set--but I have yet to use it although seeing your class offering might just be the inspiration I need to join along and see what the possibilities are. I love image transfers!

  5. I'm totally intrigued by this. I thought I knew all the new art materials out there but nope this one went right by me. I thought digital meant software graphics too!!!