When I received the package, I knew right away it would involve a clothesline. After that it took a few days to come together. I layered pieces of the tissue paper on a composition book, as I had promised a friend I would make him a journal. I ended up using teeny bits of most of the materials- I cut the puzzle piece for a base for the jester's head, and used little bits of the fabulous paper for the clothesline and pins. I layered more of the paper ( the moon was made of the purple) paint, sparkles, stamping and more paint on the cover. Somehow it became The Jester Spring Cleans; maybe because that's what I should be doing.... Only the Jester does it at night.

Cathy of Minerva's Madness

Mine is titled The Jester's Nightmare. His buddy on a stick is stuck in the mirror on the left wall guarded by the bubble maiden in the black wall and surrounded by the woeful mistress of the rose trellis on the right. He is just trying to get his head back on and not fall off his very square world.

Stacey of Artsnark Artifacts

The balloon is "powered" by faux candle, my extra piece.
Balloon & basket are paper mache. "Sandbags" are clear plastic chips.The wire on edge of chips was removed to make the Jester's joints
Backside of jester is colored bingo sheet.Anchor is altered puzzle piece.The "pull" is cut from a King of clubs playing card

Kim of Persimmons Gal

When I got my package for the challenge I immediately knew what I wanted to do with all those fantastic goodies. I didn't wait to get started and it went so quickly after only about an hour I was finished! I used a bit of everything that I got in the package including some words from the instructions! I thought the game gal looked like a perfect puppet master for the jester. I created her hands from the cards and the bingo markers made great balls for juggling. It was a fantastic challenge and made me anxious for the next melange challenge!

Risa of Created by Risa

I didn't want to over think the piece...I wanted it to feel spontaneous and fun. I used half of a vintage box as my base. I tore up the tissue paper (adding some extra tissue paper of my own) and with a little modpodge created a colorful backdrop. I couldn't bear to cut up the bingo card, so I left that intact. I added some dice to complete the piece. The jester is the focal point...he was great fun to color and put together. I suspended him from the inside top of the box.

Glenda of Two Cool Texans

"This was definitely a fun, stretching experience for me. I don't usually use much strong color in my work and so I used the opportunity to see how I might do with that. I liked it, but I spent so much time laboring over the color, that I didn't get very creative with my composition. Boy, the others did!"

Linda of Door No 2

It took me close to a month of thinking about this piece and I couldn't come up with a thing until I finally sat down and starting "playing" with it. I absolutely hated my first attempt and started over from scratch. The second time something clicked in my mind and I saw exactly what I wanted and knew that I wanted to use some of the techniques I recently learned in an on line art class. I love vibrant colors so that part was easy, it was the assemblage that was tough. But once started it all came together. The final piece to the puzzle was the quote. It seemed to fit perfectly and it tied everything together nicely. It sold almost immediately, that was the most exciting part for me!

Kathy of Vintage Snaps and Scraps

Wow, this was different for me. I have never done a challenge like this one, I was excited. Once I decided what to do and to use a cigar box…I got to work right away and made this in no time. I pile of tissue paper, oh my, I decided to make a rose. This is WAY different for my style, lots of color. But I had the best time with it; it is mine and holds supplies. Can’t wait for the next challenge…

Ok, that is everyone who played. I just included a small blurb from everyone about their piece. Please do go to their blogs to see more about their pieces, they have included much more information and more pictures in their personal blogs.


  1. Great job everyone. This was so much fun and I look forward to the upcoming challenges also. Thank you so much for reporting on each one of the participants Kathy!

  2. These are awesome, you guys rock!

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  4. What imaginations and talent in this group of "challengists" (is that a word?!?) Outstanding.

  5. We look good don't we? lol This was an amazing, fun challenge. I am so happy to be a part of this team.

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    keep it up though :-)