Melange Street Team on Etsy

Welcome to the Melange Street Team on Etsy's official blogsite. The Melange Team was started as a team who sell their mixed media artwork on Etsy and collaborate on sharing and promoting one another in our creative efforts as well as selling.
Pam Carriker came up with the name "Melange" for our team, which stands for M-Mixed Media; E-Etsy; L-Loving; A-Artists; N-Nurturing; G-Growing; and E-Encouraging.
We are a new team, but we have big plans to grow and find new ways as well as the old, to encourage one another and just have a lot of fun with
challenges, sales, swaps, interviews and other great just plain "fun".
More to come.......


  1. Yayyy, I didn't know we had a blog, just found it in the etsy forum!

  2. Nice job Glenda and Kathy! I love seeing the logo enlarged, it's awesome!

  3. This looks great!! Thanks so much Glenda and Kathy!!! This is the start of something big!